Gathering of All Paths- Outback Witch




Tickets bought and paid for early are discounted with early bird special prices.

Meal plans can be added for $20 a person. This will include a hot , homemade meal on Friday Morning , Friday Night, Saturday Morning, Saturday night  and Sunday Morning.  Please see the menu  for food  details .

Scroll below to buy your tickets 🙂

Ticket prices include the festival entrance fees , entertainment, vendor’s row, activities, rituals,  tent space  and all workshops.

Day trip price includes one day SATURDAY ONLY   vendor’s row, and workshops on that day.


 Ms. Shannara (Outback Witch) is donating a very special spiritual item that is calling for a new home to anyone that pre buys their tickets before MAY 17, 2018.

She is donating either one of her wands or a staff. The wand that has spoken has a price tag of $385 on it, but if more than 150 pre pay then the prize will be updated to a unique staff.  Most of Shannara’s staffs sell for close to a thousand dollars, so this is a really great gift.

Just an FYI, you get a chance with each early ticket  So grab your  ticket into the drawing for this amazing item fast !

May 17, 2018  at 11:59 pm.
Remember you get a chance on the wonderful door prize with each prepay . So if you buy a ticket  There will be an envelope at the gate for each prepay with your wrist bands for entry,  your tickets for the drawing.

Early Bird DRAWING , Raffle, and Auction    SATURDAY MAY 19. 2018  during dinner .

Adult 3 day


Adult 3 day early bird February prepaid



Adult 3 day early bird March prepaid

Adult prepaid March


Adult 3 day early bird  April prepaid

Adult pre-paid APRIL


Adult pre-paid MAY

Adult pre-pay May



Child 3 day

Children 0-17  get in free with ONE COFFEE CAN with LID

or $5 each without

childs 3 day 0 to 17 yrs.

Children  0-5 FREE  


Adult Adult Saturday 1 day pass






Vending space


For vendor information please contact

Shannara Thrall  for your   info / price/ Application  package

(501)977-4431 text or call