Gathering of All Paths- Outback Witch




Tickets bought and paid for early are discounted with early bird special prices.

Meal plans can be added for $20 a person. This will include a hot , homemade meal on Friday Morning , Friday Night, Saturday Morning, Saturday night  and Sunday Morning.  Please see the menu  for food  details .

Scroll below to buy your tickets 🙂

Ticket prices include the festival entrance fees , entertainment, vendor’s row, activities, rituals,  tent space  and all workshops.

Day trip price includes one day SATURDAY ONLY   vendor’s row, and workshops on that day.


 Ms. Shannara (Outback Witch) is donating a very special spiritual item that is calling for a new home to anyone that pre buys their tickets before April 30, 2018.

She is donating either one of her wands or a staff. The wand that has spoken has a price tag of $385 on it, but if more than 150 pre pay then the prize will be updated to a unique staff.  Most of Shannara’s staffs sell for close to a thousand dollars, so this is a really great gift.

Just an FYI, you get a chance with each early ticket and that includes MEAL PACKAGES. So grab your second ticket into the drawing for this amazing item fast !

We closed sell of meal tickets on the 5th, but since we will not be grocery shopping until next week, we are extending the deadline on meal packages until

April 30, 2018  at 11:59 pm.
Remember you get a chance on the wonderful door prize with each prepay . So if you buy a ticket  There will be an envelope at the gate for each prepay with your wrist bands for entry,  your tickets for the drawing.

Early Bird DRAWING , Raffle, and Auction    SATURDAY MAY 19. 2018  during dinner .

Adult 3 day


Adult 3 day early bird February prepaid


Adult 3 day early bird March prepaid


Adult 3 day early bird  April 1 prepaid

Adult 3 day at the Gate


Child 3 day

Children 0-17  get in free with ONE COFFEE CAN with LID

or $5 each without



Day trip price includes one day ONLY vendor’s row  and workshops on SATURDAY 10 am – 5 pm .

Children  0-5 FREE  

 Adult Adult Saturday 1 day pass




Vendors Booth Fee





Vendors Booth Fee


For vendor information please contact

Shannara Thrall  for your   info / price/ Application  package

(501)977-4431 text or call