Gathering of All Paths- Outback Witch


All the way from TENNESSEE!!

We are bringing a variety of goodies for you so SAVE AND BRING YOUR WALLET OR CARD!!! Because it won’t be on or website! Here’s just a few of the goodies we are bringing: Silver pendants, wire wrapped crystals, stones, and dichroic glass, altar cloths, incense and catchers, sarongs and scarves, embroidered Tarot bags, velvet embossed Tarot bags, wand bags, tarot boxes, athames, mortar and pestles, chalices, bolines, CRYSTALS AND STONES, journals, resin, wind chimes, ceramic fantasy items like dragons and mugs, and more!!! Handmade items include: tarot bags, wire wrapped crystals and stones, fused (dichroic) glass, staffs, wands, ceramics, and ritual robes!! Our seamstress will be there and will take custom orders with a fifty percent down payment. Most of what we are bringing is on our website. So go take a look at our website for other goodies and if you don’t find what you want, let me know I can find it!

Rowena Whaling

Exclusive  Cd’s , Books , Oracle Deck
Singer, songwriter, poet, artist … The Dark Mother cometh, and SHE ROCKS!!!
For more information about Rowena, go to her website:


Mama  Gina

Exclusive CDs , Hand made  jewelry made from her very own Guitar strings

Singer , Song writer , Musician , and the Amazing Nine Two Bard!



Writer, urban farmer,village witch, priestess, bon vivant, witch-about-town. the NC highlands of Appalachia.



Elemental Metal Creation

Hand forged items: hooks, fire pit cooking tools, horseshoe hearts, camping cooking tools and etc. Hand hammered bowls and jewelry: earrings, bracelets, cuffs, and necklaces made out of copper and brass.


Gypsy Wolf Readings 

Tarot readings by Lady Lani



Of Wolves & Ravens 

Hand made wonders by : Brandon Faolan


Lone Wolf Crafts


Beautiful cut and raw stones


by: Aranon

cloaks , capes , robes, bead work  and more


by: Jon and Hannah

Restoring Us is all about restoration, both for people as well as nature’s materials. Jon and Hannah are a couple who have found a way to combine their nature and gypsy souls. Their passions have aligned, and they now create beautiful works of art through woodworking, fly tying, healing salves, and many other alternative healing sources. You won’t be disappointed with Jon’s custom creations, and Hannah can help you approach any health struggles you might have naturally. Make sure to stop by Restoring Us and have insightful conversations with two amazing people.



More to be Listed  soon   🙂 

Just waiting for all their info