Gathering of All Paths- Outback Witch




No- No’s  ,Yes – Yes’s and Oh baby – babies


because …..

sometimes you feel like a nut…..some times you don’t !

1) No photos taken without written consent. No photos posted any where with out consent.  .

2) Drugs will not be tolerated.

3) Drinking is allowed 21 or over, is concealed and used in moderation until “adult ” time ( 10pm to sunrise)  . No beer cans, bottles ect to be carried around.  NO ONE UNDER 21 may drink ANY alcoholic beverage. If you are found passed out we will enjoy painting you all kinds of wrong and pose-ing you, sticking cheetos up your nose and posting them to youtube .
4) ID bracelets must be worn and visible at all times. Minors ( under 21) are depicted by their own color ID bracelet , Lets keep our children safe and having fun.

5) Trash containers are provided throughout the site, please use them and  Recycle Please.

6) Firearms, Fireworks, WMDs, drunken behavior, prejudice, bad attitudes, violence, failure to realize “no means no”, or other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Our overly protective security will grab you up and slap you down with a wet noodle while the rest of us hose you down in sauce….Dinner time .

7) Do not dispose of your cigarettes on the ground, if you do not see a butt can please make your own from a soda can .

8) Do not throw cigarette butts , cans, paper, plates , trash in the ritual fire pits in Temple or The Large community fire pit  please.

9) Remember that  children 5 and under are not to be left unattended at any time. Any that are found wandering alone will be jacked up on 10 mountain dews , 5 cupcakes and given a litter of puppies to take home  before they are returned to you with a super soaker and 3 hours training to use it .

10) The main house is off limits so unless you were invited  in by the VIP who is using it  Please  use the public areas.

11) Leave your personal negativity at the gate as you come in and feel the positive energy flow through you as you get to know your spiritual new family and friends.

12) You must work your 1hour  of volunteer time at the time you committed to it at the front gate. Otherwise, you will be hunted down and  given to the tickle monster until you surrender !
13)  There are two designated fire pits in the temple for rituals they are NOT lit unless there is a ritual. There is a LARGE community fire pit as well as a small community fire pit  that will be in use. You may bring a portable fire pit to use carefully at your camp area. It will have to be approved by our overly protective security team .

14) You may visit , meditate or just relax in the temple but please be respectful after all it is Our Temple. Children are always welcome to play in temple  and often run and laugh there for hours so sit back and soak up the joy with them.

15) You will receive a large trash bag at the gate. At the end of your stay, please take your trash home with you.  If you need another trash bag, just ask at the sign in desk . .

16) After 11 PM all minors (0-17)  should be headed to bed  as  drumming , drinking and Mommy -Daddy dance around the fire time has begun.

17) If bathrooms need servicing please contact one of our overly protective security members.  Please help keep bathrooms picked up and stocked.

18) You are responsible for cleaning your campsite before you leave. Please be considerate and leave the area in the condition it was when you arrived or better after all this land is now a part of you and you are a part of it .

19) Only service animals are allowed on site, no pets.

20) Please try to keep service animal safe and happy . Even the best trained will bark all night if upset by unfamiliar surroundings and noises.

21)  Clothing is not optional. Please keep your clothes on at all times. This event is FAMILY friendly  not to mention the fae are looking

22) Do not write anything not rated G on the bathroom walls paper boards,  for Odin’s sake you are not in high school !  These bathrooms are used by children too.

23) There is a designated fire tender, do not play in the fire, add wood to the fire, poke the fire, throw things into the fire, pee in the fire, or jump the fire. If our overly protective security comes for you, know it is for your own good. Please be polite and let them help you move away from danger. The Fire Fae play ruff.

Dirty stuff said ! NOW LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!!!