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Large RAVEN Candle


RAVEN Candle

$_57 (16)

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 RAVEN CANDLE 7.25″ tall 
$_57 (17)

Yeah I know Ravens are black but in photographs black just does not show you the detail in a photograph I have 
put into my newest design . I love birds and this was a labor of love . I have tried to captor the beauty and wonder  of the Raven in this original candle.

  The pestle gives ample space to be inscribed.

My photographs do not do this candle’s detail justice! It is beautifully designed ! 
Nor does the color of my photographs display properly. My colors are rich, bright true colors. 
Made with the purest wax blessed and purified under the full moon and cotton wicks
Easily inscribable and annointable, these candles are a very potent ritual aid and ready for your needs.
Use  Blue for peace, harmony, intuition, healing & success
Use for uncrossing magic, banishing rituals,negativity clearing and uncrossing spells
Used  for fertility, energy, passion, health & courage
Used in spells for financial and money matters
Use for peace,purity, truth and insight
Use Pink for Love, friendships, honor and morality
****color intensity may vary 
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Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 30.48 x 10.0 x 10.0 cm

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