Gathering of All Paths- Outback Witch



Welcome to the Gathering of All Paths  

Common  Questions:

DO you recycle?

YES! Please bring reusable Plate, Bowl, Cup, Glass, Utensils. No disposable items will be available for service.  There will be drums labeled for Plastic, Glass, Paper  near the Kitchen area.

What Meals are provided in meal Package?

Thursday – pot luck  Dinner
Friday – breakfast,  Dinner
Saturday – breakfast, Dinner
Sunday – breakfast

Gathering of All Paths  MENU:
Coming Soon

Please bring items for lunch  additional snacks and drinks.

 Are pre-reservations / pre- payment necessary?

Yes. If you want the meal package.

 Can I pay by check at the gate?

No. We are only able to accept cash or credit cards at the gate. Please note that merchants will not accept checks either, some can not accept credit cards.

Will my tickets be mailed to me?

No. If you pay by Paypal, your Paypal confirmation is your receipt. When you pay via PayPal you are added to our registration database. You will simply give your name at the gate. Each group or sets of registrations is kept under the name attached to the Paypal account. If you pay by Paypal, by phone, mail or in person, we will send you an email confirmation.

Can I mail in payment for my reservations?

Yes! You may send check or money order to:
Shannara Thrall

Gathering of All Paths

5 Outback Lane

Casa, Ar. 72025

. We want to share a tent space with our friends. Can we pay for our reservations separately and still get the same tent space?

Yes. Each person pays for their own event ticket and tent spaces are not set to any one size or number of tents.  Mom and dad may have their own tent with a teenager having a tent next to it.

I am coming to the festival alone, will I be safe?

Yes. We have a great group of people who will be camping around you as well as a wonderful security team who patrol the grounds. Single attendees sometimes share their camp area with others that are attending alone.

What do I need to bring with me?

We have provided a packing list at the end of this question/ answer section .

 Can I stay in a hotel  and attend the festival daily or do I have to stay at the festival site?

You may certainly stay offsite. There are hotels in Morrilton, Ar.  (31 mi.)  or Russellville , AR. (42mi.)  The Gate will close at 11 pm – Open at 7 am.

Can I bring medication that requires refrigeration?

Yes. Please make sure it is labeled with your name and bring it to the paramedic station.

. Can you accommodate special food needs?

No. While all the dishes are prepared with quality and nutrition in mind, with the ingredients clearly labeled, We are unable to accommodate special food needs,  if you have special health concerns such as allergies we ask that you bring your own food.

Can I get married at GoAP or have another ceremony?

Yes. The fee for the space, the facilitator, an announcement in the program, is $250. You may also have a ceremony on site for which you are completely responsible for all the aspects; you simply need to ask where to hold your ceremony.

 Can I bring my pet to PUF?

No. We only allow service animals on site. We ask that you make your reservations early and let the staff know that you will be bringing a service animal.

 Can we build a fire?

YES!  If you bring a portable fire pit ,  fires are allowed  ONLY after approved by security . If you build a fire you will be responsible for the fire and it’s upkeep and safety. Should security ask you to put your fire out for any reason you will be required to do so.

 Can I get a refund if necessary?

Yes. You can apply for a refund 30 days out from the gathering less 5% .

 Can I call for information?

YES!  Call  (501) 233-6327  10am – 10pm  . If we miss your call leave a message and we will call you back.

 Is there electricity in the camp area?

NO,  not in the common camp areas

Yes, ONLY in the special medical needs camp area, Open Cooking Area and Stage area but the system will not carry heaters or a lot of electrical items added to it through long extension cords to the common camp sites .


Gathering of All Paths  PACKING LIST

You don’t have to bring it all, just enough to 
be comfortable in the great outdoors!

Please bring a COFFEE CAN and LID  for youth crafts . 

Air Mattress
Antibacterial Towelettes
Battery Operated Lanterns
Blankets (nights can be cold)
Bug Spray
Camp Chair
Comb and or brush
Deodorant (PLEASE)
Eating Gear (Non-disposable, silverware, cups, plates)
Food (For your own personal use and LUNCH)
Grill (to cook your own food)
Hand and body lotion
Ice chest
Lip balm Medications
Musical instruments
Lunch stuff
Personal Necessities (towels, soap, shampoo, medication, in short everything you need to be comfortable)
Rain Gear
Ritual Gear
Sanitizing hand gel
Service animals ONLY
Shampoo and conditioner
Toothbrush ~ toothpaste, mouthwash