Gathering of All Paths- Outback Witch


Children and Teens


Children are always welcome at the Gathering of All Paths

. Children are our future and their spending time with others opens doors to not only their spirituality but to their understanding and acceptance to others choices. We want them to have a good time and for them to be safe at all times. We hope that The Gathering of All Paths will be something that they remember fondly and look forward to attending every year. With that in mind, we have put certain standards in place

1) All Children  2-17 are required to wear a wristband at all times during the event .                  2-12 are  required to wear a wristband with parents/ guardians and minors name on it .             13-18  required to wear a wristband depicting minor/underage.

2) We require that a parent , guardian, or sibling over 10 years old accompany children under age 5 at all times.

3) Children ages 3 through 12 may participate in activities at Fairy Corner. In this area, we have stations set up for coloring, mask making, drum making , finger painting, arts and crafts. Children are encouraged to find the activities that bring joy to them. Parents are asked to guide the younger ones. All these activities are geared for children within this age group.

4) We will have game time for children 7-17 . Please have sunscreen and an extra change of clothes.

5) There will be paperwork to fill out pertaining to your child’s needs, allergies and of course your name

6) Do not send your child to the activities building alone or let them wander or our overly protective Security team will hunt you down.

7) No one will be allowed to leave this property with a child who is not listed on their paperwork. Should a friend have to leave and their child stays with you, make sure that they add you to their paperwork before they depart.  Please understand this is for the safety if your child and theirs.

8) Fairy Corner is operated by our wonderful volunteers and our talented and child friendly Coordinator Tabitha Galbraith.  Please ask your child/ children to be polite and cooperative. We all love children and do this to make their day fun.  If your child is uncooperative he/she will be returned to you. 

9) The children will need to bring bottled water to Fairy Corner  and to Game time in case they get thirsty

1O) You must volunteer 1 hour in Fairy Corner for each child that you bring.

11) You must sign up for volunteer time when you bring your child to Fairy Corner or  our overly protective Security  team will hunt you down.

12). We do not administer medicine; please give your child his/her medication before they join the activity.  If your child needs a dose of medicine while at Fairy Corner  please come and administer it to your child at the proper time.

13) Please bring a large T-shirt for your child to wear for messy activities.

14). If your child is young, please understand some fun things stain clothing.

15) Bring a swim suit , shorts , T-shirt ect. and a towel for your child . There will be a sprinkler and misting area if the day is warm enough.

16) All children under the age of 12 must be in care or in the company of a parent or guardian after dark.  If any children are found wandering, they will be sold to the highest bidder  

17) Children 12 and older may attend classes with a parent. They are expected to behave as young adults and we would enjoy their involvement and thoughts.

A special word about children 3-7 years old

We will be using the time-out chair for the 5-11 years olds this year. Your child will be warned to stop his/her unacceptable behavior and then will sit in the chair at the security station until you arrive for them.  Parents will be asked to come and get their child if there is a problem.

A special word about tweens and teenagers

There is a special gathering place for teens and tweens (12-17 years olds) and activities for them. This year we are working on a Saturday workshop just for them .

For teens and tweens that are not interested in the workshops designed for them, they are encouraged to bring yard and board games and cards that they would like to share with others. (electronic games are discouraged ) They may also attend any workshops they desire. There will be a  s’mores roast Friday evening after the Chocolate Ritual .  We encourage your t(w)een to attend. They are also welcome at the adult bonfire, drumming circle, Teen curfew is 10pm so the Adults have a few hours to dance around the fire too.

Teens and Tweens will not be allowed to drink any alcoholic beverages at any time during the event.  If found by anyone doing so  our overly protective Security  team will hunt you down ASAP and sadly we will have to ask you to take them home. This is a matter of the law and our need to keep all children safe.