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About Outback Witch

Merry Meet!

I am  known locally as Outback Witch.


The items I sell on our web site are made by myself,  my grandson Jacob and Lady Roxianna in Arkansas , USA.  We do not buy mass produced items and resell them to you here , but make our items by hand with great care to the energy put into them.

I have been a practicing pagan for 35+ years. I am ordained and registered with the ulc seminary and licensed to perform hand fasting’s for our Pagan community. wedding , Hand fasting  and naming Ceremonies can be performed at our beautiful natural temple  Casa , AR,  or in a location of your choice. Please email me for more information.
At Outback Witch we produce candles, anointing oils, herbs, hand crafted altars, wire wrapped stones, wands, walking sticks, Viking furniture, viking drinking horns, carved viking drinking horns, Viking shields, Viking clothing and more  as well as do tarot reading over the phone for a small donation.

I work with candle magic , tarot , runes, herbs and much more.

My Daily Tarot Meditation Readings are done with Deviant Moon Tarot Deck made by Patrick Valenza . See more of his decks or buy one of his newest works at



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